Roma City Guide

Rome was the last stop of my European adventure and it ended up being the city that I spent the most amount of time in (staying for a week all up in Rome). We ended up doing a couple day trips from Rome, but had also set aside a couple of days to just check out the city itself.

Now, I don’t remember exactly everything I did in Rome but I definitely recall covering a lot of ground! On the days spent exploring Rome, we literally just wandered and wandered… the way I love exploring a new city is simply getting lost!

Some of the things we ticked off in Rome include checking out ancient sites such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon (as well as the rest of the Roman Forum), throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain (when in Rome, right?), shopping in Piazza di Spagna and eating almost every meal in Trastevere, simply because the food was just too good. But what I loved and found most unique about Rome is that everywhere you walked and looked, there wasn’t an ancient ruin too far by… which was absolutely surreal being able to see modern architecture standing alongside buildings that have been around for more than 2,000 years! Definitely a city like no other.

Where we stayed: H10 Roma Citta – a little far from the main areas of Rome as it is ‘beyond the river’ (the translation for Trastevere), but quite close to Trastevere which was one of my favourite areas!

Must-Eats: If you want a great meal, visit Trastevere – there are lots of quirky and cosy wine bars and restaurants that serve up delicious food! One of my favourites was Tastevere Kmzero – you are given whatever they have on the day (there is no menu) and it is just so good! Pizza Florida on Via Florida was also a great place for some cheap and tasty pizza slices (you pay by the weight of the slice)!

Must-Sees: The usual sites like The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Colosseum were of course a must to see, but I also loved visiting the Villa Borghese and walking through the park on a beautiful, clear day! There are also bicycles for hire to cycle around the park, so bring your drivers license or ID (they need it whilst you take the bike out incase anything happens). The Roman Forum was also massive highlight for me, so much that I’ll have a whole ‘nother post dedicated to it, so stay tuned!