During my stay in Rome, I decided to take one of the days to go on a full day trip out to see Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.I had never really gone on a day trip with a group of people and guides before, so that in itself was an experience! I decided to go with a tour, simply because it was a fairly long way away from Rome at two and a half hours drive one way.

The day started off quite early, meeting the group at Piazza di Popolo in Rome at 7am. From there, we were introduced to our friendly guides and made our way towards Naples once we were all organised.

We arrived in Pompeii in the mid-morning, and were guided around just a tiny fraction of the site in a few hours. We were told that you could actually spend days wandering Pompeii, as it was once a full city itself but as we were on strict time, we restricted to seeing just a few sites within the city.

Some of the highlights of what we saw were:

  • Original fresco painted on walls on some of the buildings
  • Gladiator training gyms and arenas
  • The residence of what believed to be Emperor Nero’s wife’s
  • A brothel
  • Part of the town with buildings that used to be stores; one that stood out to me was a bakery
  • A spa/sauna room
  • Original cobblestones that paved the streets of Pompeii (walking on something so old alone blew my mind)
  • Water fountains (can you believe that they had a sewerage system back in the day?)
  • Ruins of the Temple of Venus

The selection of sites we got to see was great; it really felt like we got to see a little bit of everything in just a couple of hours.

We ended up leaving Pompeii around 12-1pm to have pizza in Naples (where Pizza originated) before going on a hike up Mount Vesuvius. If you wanted to see more of Pompeii, you could probably take a full-day tour that just focused on Pompeii instead of doing what I did in fitting in both Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius in the one day. Alternatively, you could stay a few days in Naples and do the day trips from there as it would be a way shorter commute.

I’ll be publishing a post on my hike up Mount Vesuvius soon, so stay tuned!