An East Coast Sunrise

Whilst living on the east coast of Australia might mean not being able to see any beautiful sunsets over the ocean, witnessing the sun come up above the ocean has definitely got to be just as spectacular.

Even though I enjoy my sleep-ins, the rewards you reap being awake before sunrise in my eyes, are well worth it. Not only are you treated with a breathtaking natural light show by the closest star to the Earth, but the lack of people out and about at that hour is also quite tranquil in itself.

My tips for catching the sunrise would be to look up the weather forecast and sunrise time the night before (clear skies are great however, some clouds here and there are fine!), and to also make your way well before the predicted time – I personally like to get there approx. 30 minutes in advance as you’ll still be able to see some golden light well before the actual sunrise!