Barton Creek Greenbelt: Austin, Texas

The Barton Creek Greenbelt is an urban oasis located in Austin, Texas and is a popular destination for adventure-loving locals due to its diverse terrain.

The Greenbelt’s terrain is nothing like I had seen before – not only can you run, hike or bike through the trail (and take a swim in the creek during the summer), but the park also boasts cliff faces that are frequented by experienced rock climbers.

While the weather was overcast on the day I hiked the Greenbelt, it was still beautiful as the terrain was foreign to me. It honestly felt like I was running through the woods in one of those fantasy films, so that was spectacular in itself!

The part of the trail I hiked wasn’t too long (approx. 5-7 kilometres), and the whole trail stretches about 12 kilometres. There’s a few different entry/exit points to the Greenbelt as well, so you can make it as long or short of a hike as you like – depending on how much time you have.

As always though, remember to take a couple of litres of water with you and wear some decent walking shoes!

Directions to the Greenbelt:

I entered the Greenbelt at the Spyglass Drive entrance and finished up here too. There is a great tex-mex place just five minutes from this entrance too, called Tacodeli, so be sure to stop off for the Freakin’ Vegan and Space Cowboy tacos with a bottle of kombucha (heaven!) after your hike! Check out the map here!