Royal National Park: Coastal Walk

A couple of weekends ago, a few friends and I decided to venture down to the Royal National Park in the south of Sydney. Not only does the Royal boast some breathtaking coastal views, but it is also the second oldest national park in the world.

Our day trip started off by heading towards the little suburb of Bundeena, where we would start our walk at the end of Beachcomber Avenue. Sydney really turned its weather on that particular day, so when we arrived at Beachcomber Avenue, it was no surprise to see the number of cars parked along the street – it seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea of getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Once parked, we started our walk down to Marley Head and headed around to the left up to the popular Wedding Cake Rock, The Waterun and The Balconies before making our way back to the car again. The trail we took was approx. 8.5km-10km, so just be sure to take a couple of litres of water each!

Marley Beach Royal National Park 002

Marley Beach Royal National Park 001

Looking out towards Little Marley Beach/Marley Beach from Marley Head.

Marley Beach Royal National Park 003

There is an option to take a shorter trail (the Coastal Track), which starts at The Balconies and goes around to The Waterun and Wedding Cake Rock, which seemed to be the route a lot of other people were taking however, the trail we took (Big Marley Trail), was quite enjoyable as there wasn’t anyone on it at all.

The main reason people walk this trail is to visit and get their picture taken on Wedding Cake Rock, so when you reach it, you’ll definitely know that it’s it!

Wedding Cake Rock Royal National Park 001

Wedding Cake Rock Royal National Park 002

Treading very carefully around Wedding Cake Rock/White Cliffs of Marley – you’ll want to take a quick snap and be out of there!

If you’re planning a visit to the Royal, remember to take at least two liters of water per person (especially on a hot day) as previously mentioned, and to wear functional and suitable footwear – a no-brainer I know, but we saw people walking in thongs and Birkenstocks…

How to get to the Royal National Park Coastal Track:

  1. Drive to Beachcomber Ave in Bundeena
  2. Head to the end of Beachcomber Ave, where the trail starts
  3. Happy hiking and picture taking!