Hamilton Pool: Austin, Texas

Two of my favourite things about Austin, Texas: the fact that Wholefoods was established there and this place, Hamilton Pool.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of my stay in Austin was taking a trip out to Hamilton Pool. I had discovered Hamilton Pool through some thorough online researching before my trip and when I came across it, I immediately knew it was a priority on my must-see/do list in Austin.

The day I went out to Hamilton Pool was a clear, fine one however, being at the start of spring, it still got quite chilly. The drive out took approximately 40 minutes from where I was staying – not too far out, but I was lucky to be staying with friends who were also keen to check it out.

Upon arriving at Hamilton Pool, we were surprised to see a line-up of cars trying to head into the national park. Here I thought it was a well-kept secret from tourists, but turns out I was wrong – unless it was the place to be for Spring Breakers and SXSW-goers.

Sitting impatiently in the car, we began to worry when we saw the cars ahead of us being turned away due to a lack of car spots. Had I just inconvenienced my friend to drive out 40 minutes? From the gallery above, I bet you guessed not.

Like the cars in front of us, we too got turned away however, (long story short) persistence got the better of us and we eventually made our way in to the car park. Once parked, we grabbed our gear (swimming attire included) and walked down towards Hamilton Pool.

As I mentioned previously, it was still pretty cold (despite the misconceptions of Texas being hot all the time) and there were very few people who were brave enough to jump in the water – myself not included. Kitted up in my swimsuit and YOLO/IDGAF attitude, I headed straight for the water.

Moments later, I couldn’t feel my limbs – it was that cold.

Despite not being able to feel anything, I decided to continue swimming until I had reached the other side of the pool. It was only say, 30-40 metres away but boy, did it feel a lot further away. Once I had reached the other side, I jumped under the waterfall and enjoyed my first waterfall experience – definitely an experience I’ll never forget and was well worth freezing for!

Visit Hamilton Pool:

24300 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, United States