Vivid Sydney BridgeClimb

As someone who was born and raised in Sydney, you could say that it’s about time I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

And what better time to do it than during the annual Vivid Sydney festival?

For my first-ever BridgeClimb, I chose the BridgeClimb Express experience which went for a little over two hours. After arriving at the starting point and checking-in at 4:35pm for a 4:50pm start, I completed the usual, obligatory paperwork and was introduced to our climb guide, Matt, who got us kitted up in our climbing suits and gave us a rundown of what to expect.

Once we were all suited up and ready to go, it was time to start our ascent to the top of the bridge! We started off climbing through the bridge which was awesome as we got to see and feel some of the intricate details, including the rivets holding the steel together and the granite used to make the pylons.

After a little over an hour, we made it to the top of the bridge. Now the views of Sydney Harbour are usually spectacular enough, but seeing it under the Vivid lights made it that little more magical.


As we weren’t able to bring anything up with us (except for the earrings/rings you’re wearing), I only have a couple of photos to share which were taken by our guide, Matt.

The photos really don’t do the view much justice, but hopefully the expression on my face in the photo below gives you an impression of just how excited I was!


After my BridgeClimb Express experience, I headed back to Fraser Suites Sydney where I spent the night, to freshen up before getting a bite to eat and checking out Vivid from the ground.

This year, I only ventured out to Sydney Harbour for Vivid and from what I saw, I’d say my favourites were the Vivid Light Walk and the MCA – although, neither of those topped seeing the lights from above on the Harbour Bridge!

Looking out towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Looking out towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Along the Vivid Light Walk

Along the Vivid Light Walk

Circular Quay

Circular Quay

Light projections onto the Museum of Contemporary Art

Light projections onto the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

Vivid Sydney finishes up on the 8th June, so be sure to get down there in the next week to catch a glimpse of the action. And, if you’re up for an even more memorable Vivid Sydney experience, book your BridgeClimb experience now! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Lust to Wander participated in the BridgeClimb Express experience as a guest of Viator.