Skydiving in Sydney

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by jumping out of a plane!?

Although this event happened a couple of years ago, I still wanted to dig up the footage and document it/share it with you as it was one of the most memorable events of my life (seriously, how could you forget jumping out of a plane?).

Tandem skydiving was something I had wanted to do since bungee jumping the Nevis in Queenstown a year or two before that, and in 2013 it was my birthday wish, which I was lucky enough to have come true!

The day started off with a very early commute to Picton in NSW where the dive would take place. Once I had arrived, I was teamed up with my diver who talked me through the process before kitting and gearing me up. The ride up on the plane was pretty intense – there was just so much anticipation leading up to the final moment, but I tried my best to keep calm as possible and not think about the actual jump!

Once we had watched all the other pairs jump (we were the last ones), it was finally our turn. The moment crept up so quickly – one minute we were on the ground, the next you’re jumping out of a plane 14,000ft high in the air!

Words won’t do the experience any justice, so please take the time to check out the video I pieced together from Sydney Skydivers‘ footage!