Inside the Ubud Monkey Forest

One of the most popular attractions (if not the most) in Ubud is the Sacred Monkey Forest. Here’s a glimpse inside.

Located on Jalan Monkey Forest, which is one of the main roads in Ubud, the Sacred Monkey Forest is without a doubt one of the most visited attractions in the Ubud area. Before entering the premises, you’ll need to pay an admittance fee of 30,000 Rupiah per person (approx. USD$3) then put away any food, sunglasses, or anything that monkeys might just want to get their hands on – they’re very intelligent, curious and cheeky creatures after all!

As you walk through the forest, you’ll see an abundance of monkeys running about, grooming each other and even fighting around you (or sitting around snacking on a banana). Hands of bananas can be bought inside the forest for you to give to the monkeys however, be careful of where you’re holding/hiding them as the monkeys definitely seem to know what’s up and will sneakily try to grab some off you – it didn’t happen to me personally, but I did witness this on many occasions!

If you’re not too keen on getting right up close and personal with the monkeys, my advice would be to simply not buy any bananas. Don’t worry – they definitely won’t go hungry as there are many other tourists feeding the monkeys bananas; not to mention that the monkeys are also fed potatoes, corn and carrots by the staff as well.

I pulled together a short video of some monkey business that happened inside the Monkey Forest, so feel free to check it out if you’re interested in getting a look at just what the cheeky little things get up to!