Snorkelling Mangrove Point: Nusa Lembongan

The biggest highlight of my visit to Nusa Lembongan was snorkelling the crystal clear waters of Mangrove Point.

In the week spent on Lembongan, I went on snorkelling on three different occasions. All three were at Mangrove Point, which is about 200m from the shore of Mangrove Beach, situated on the north side of the island.

While Crystal Bay and Manta Point are both two of the more popular snorkelling and diving sites, they were both only accessible by a longer boat ride (near Ceningan and Penida) and was set-up as a day trip which lasted about 4-5 hours. We would’ve absolutely loved to have swam with manta rays, but we could not find anyone who just offered a trip to Manta Point – without Crystal Bay, to cut the trip short. We weren’t overly keen on spending up to 5 hours on the water as we’re quite prone to sea sickness, but all the more reason to go back though, right!?

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 007

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 006

On the first and second snorkelling trips, we hired a boat and driver from a place called Nano Nano House for an hour each time – at just 100,000 Rupiah each for the hour (including snorkels). He took us out to Mangrove Point where we were able to hop off the boat and spend our time exploring the reef. Upon hitting the water, I immediately felt like this was a ‘pinch me’ moment because I had never snorkelled in such crystal clear water. Visibility was incredible (I’d say 10-20 metres from memory), but at the time it seemed like I could see for miles ahead!

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 004

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 001

On our third (and last) snorkel, we hired a couple of snorkels (minus the boat) and swam out from the shore through mangroves and shallow reef to get to the same point where we were snorkelling the previous two times. Snorkel hire without the boat worked out to be 40,000 Rupiah per person.

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 002

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 005

On on the reef, I felt so lucky to be swimming amongst so many beautiful fish and was simply in awe at just how beautiful life was under the sea at Mangrove Point. Pictures and video really don’t do any of it justice, but those snorkelling trips will definitely be moments that I will cherish and hope to remember forever.

Snorkelling Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan 003

The owners of Nano Nano House were Lembongan locals, and were some of the friendliest, hospitable and helpful people we met on our trip. It was a one-stop shop for us – we’d head to Nano Nano at lunch time, have a delicious feed for about $5-10 each (the woman who runs the kitchen is also a fantastic cook!), then hire a couple of snorkels and head out to the reef for an hour before returning back to hydrate with a Pocari Sweat and finally, a sunbathe on the beach. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon at all.

  • Nina Wichert

    Great pics! Bur didn’t anybody tell you not to touch the corals?! It’s clearly to see that you touch the corals in one pic, but it really harms them and it makes me sad to see that tourists like you destroy nature just because you don’t think about the effects of what you do…

    • Hi Nina, thanks for your comment. I can 100% assure you that I did not touch the coral while snorkelling as I am aware of the damage it can cause. It may look like I am touching it, and yes maybe I shouldn’t have been that close but I was definitely not touching it. Hope that clears things up.