Patagonia Swim

Sometimes you don’t need to look far for a little adventure. And in this instance, it was in my own backyard: Little Manly.

With the days now longer and the weather getting warmer, I find myself in the constant mindset of wanting to make the most of every moment. It sounds hell cheesy, but the saying ‘you only regret the things you do not do’ is one that I’ve been trying to live by, and every time I find my ‘lizard brain’ attempting to make an excuse to not do something, I remind myself of this exact saying.

When you work a full-time job, time can be limited when it comes to doing the other things you love (in my case, spending time outdoors) so making the most of my weekends is quite important to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I’m exhausted and need a day of doing absolute nothing, but surprisingly – it’s become a rarity the older I’ve gotten.

On this particular weekend, it was an early start and down to one of my local beaches at 7am in the morning. Not as early as sunrise, but still early enough to enjoy the still, crystal clear waters with not another person in sight.


Even though it wasn’t a particular long trek to this Little Manly (a 10 minute drive from home), getting up early and into the water was to me, exciting in itself. In fact, the term adventure is defined as:

“An unusual and exciting or daring experience.”


Besides getting messy and rolling around in sand in my new Patagonia swimsuit, I spent the morning swimming, jumping, and just floating around and drifting whilst watching the clouds pass by. It was a good little test for the Bottom Turn Top and Sunamee Bottoms from Patagonia, as I often struggle to find swimsuits that offer the right protection and coverage whilst being active. I’m happy to say that this set passed the test!

Check out the (very) short video we put together below, with some highlights from the morning.

The Patagonia Bottom Turn Top and Sunamee Bottoms were gifted by Patagonia however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.