The Beagle Channel in Ushuaia

One of the highlights of my time spent in Ushuaia was taking a morning cruise along the Beagle Channel.

While we weren’t as fortunate with the weather as we were on the previous day (boy, were we glad to have visited Tierra del Fuego the day we did!), it was still a great experience braving the wind and cold, and cruise along the water that partially divides Argentina and Chile.

The cruise began and ended in Ushuaia where we were picked up and dropped off at one of the local wharfs. As we left, we got a good glimpse of the Martial mountains that surrounded the city.

Leaving Ushuaia. Quite a picturesque backdrop

An overhang of clouds beneath the mountains

Ushuaia is where a lot of Antarctic cruises set off. I assume this was one of them

The main objective of the cruise was to head out to a spot where we could see some sea lions. About 30-40 minutes into the journey, we had reached said spot and were blessed with seeing quite a decent sized colony of sea lions and sea birds. We spent about 10-15 minutes sitting on the boat, quietly observing them however, I think I could have easily sat there for hours especially watching the young pups at play! Cute would be beyond an understatement.

Sea lions and sea birds perched on the rocks

Surely these guys must also feel the cold, right?

Juvenile sea lion pups splashing around

Our next stop before heading back to the wharf in Ushuaia was to an island where we got to hop off the boat and take a short walk around.

Our guide on the day told us about the indigenous people of Ushuaia, showed us where they would have camped, explained what they would’ve eaten and how they lived. We learnt about the local flora in the region as well which I thoroughly enjoyed, as this was the first time I had seen a lot of it, including the native Calafate berry.

A Calafate berry, native to Argentina and Chile

My Patagonian adventure is almost at an end. I have one more post to come on my visit to Isla Martillo and the furry little friends we encountered on the island. Coming soon!