Lamma Island Hong Kong

With one more day left in Hong Kong after returning from Beijing, I decided to take the ferry to Lamma Island and spend the day.

As I was flying out from Hong Kong back to Sydney in the evening, and had seen the majority of what I had interested me on Hong Kong Island, a day discovering Lamma Island (the third largest island in Hong Kong) seemed like the perfect way to spend my last day. The ferry departs from Central Pier 4 on Hong Kong Island and takes 30 minutes each way. Ferries aren’t too frequent however, so I had to keep an eye on time to ensure I’d be able to make it back to Hong Kong Island in time to get to the airport.

First glimpse of Lamma Island from the ferry dock

Tin Hau Temple

The thing that appealed to me about Lamma Island is that there are no cars on the island. The landscape of Lamma was also quite lush and green, resembling more of a tropical island compared to your surroundings on Hong Kong Island. If I were to ever live in Hong Kong, I’m convinced that this would be the place.

As I only had a couple of hours to explore the island (I couldn’t miss the ferry otherwise I’d potentially miss my flight), I chose to spend my time walking around the island in the direction of a nearby beach. On my way, I took time out to soak in the surroundings (humidity included!) and spotted a fair few fascinating, eight-legged friends along the way too.

Quite the contrast to what you see on Hong Kong Island, just 30 minutes by ferry away

L: Not another person in sight in this tropical paradise | R: One of the many eight-legged friends I spotted on the walk

My final destination on Lamma Island. I didn’t even get to spend much time there as I had to make it back for the ferry

A local fisherman on Lamma Island

While my time on Lamma Island was quite limited and did feel a little rushed, it was still something I’m glad I did as I wouldn’t really be sure what I would’ve done that day instead! Lamma Island is definitely worth a trip if you’re in Hong Kong and a must if you prefer spending more time with nature than you do with skyscrapers!